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Signature Hair Design Ethos

At Signature Hair Design it wasn't enough for us making our clients stand out with bespoke hair colours, whether this was earthy balayage to funky and vibrant colour combos.

We refurbished our premises in 2020 and while we may have painted our walls green and added so plants. It wasn't enough.

We made the decision that we didn't want to just look green, we wanted to be green.

This is where your first "eco" and "sustainable" salon for miles around was born.

We take our "quotes" seriously and are thinking of the next generation to come.

To be one of the greenest salons around.

We firstly sourced all our woodwork from a local business

(@the_reclaimers_) who specialise in making bespoke pieces from reclaimed wood.

You will see his amazing work displayed throughout the salon.


When we could we up-cycled furniture and even bought second hand books and games for waiting area.

We have installed all energy-efficient bulbs. 

Plus we installed (ECO HEADS) which are eco taps in our basins. These heads purify our water for better cleaner hair, but most importantly save an average of 780 bottles of water a day. Which means less water back down our drains.

The products we work with are VEGAN and CRUELTY FREE .
We are a signature salon with Paul Mitchell which means we stock exclusive Paul Mitchell retail and hair colour.

Paul Mitchell are so dedicated to our environment that they have pledged to plant 1 million trees by 2022.

All our colours are measured out on scales so no product waste down our sinks.

To help reduce waste we ask all our clients to bring back in their shampoo and conditioner bottles to be re-filled rather than keep buying new. This even means bottles that aren't our brands.

We use PAPER-NOT-FOIL where possible as its a reusable. Recyclable. Ecological. Sustainable alternative to foil.

Green Salon Collective

We are a proud member of GREEN SALON COLLECTIVE
what does this mean??
It means we recycle the un-recyclable.
We are proud to say we recycle used and contaminated foil and tint tubes.
(do you know that only 1% of British hairdressers can say this. Yikes!!)

Plus wait for it....
YES we even recycle your hair.
Your hair is recycled into Brooms, Hair Mats, gardening and composting.

How cool to think your hair is being used to absorb Oil spills in our oceans.
Plus GREEN SALON COLLECTIVE give 100% profit made back to charities, of the likes of HAIRCUTS 4 THE HOMELESS.

But we haven't stopped here. Nooo this inspired us to recycle all staff and clients waste in our own recycling and compost bins in our staff room.

So if you want amazing hair and to make a difference to the world around you then pop into the S.H.D Salon

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